Randy LeBlanc




As a Waltham High School graduate and a state-certified Vocation Education teacher, Randy is dedicated to strengthening and supporting our public schools. He believes having a state of the art Science Technology High School with a strong vocational education section is the best school infrastructure improvement that could be made for future generations of our city.

Supporting Local Business 

Local businesses help Waltham thrive and maintain the unique character of our community. Randy is a small business owner himself, having owned and operated a family business in the City for over two decades. Randy is an active member of the Waltham West Suburban Chamber of Commerce and pledges to improve permitting to help entrepreneurs take a chance in Downtown Waltham.

Fiscal Stability 

Randy is a perfect fit and a great addition to the Long Term Debt Committee. As a small business owner for over 20 years, Randy makes all the financial decisions for smart growth at LeBlanc Mechanical. Using that experience will give him a keen perspective about balancing budgets and smart spending. Randy will protect your taxpayer dollars.

Environment & Open Space 

As an avid runner, fisherman, mountain biker, and cross country skier, Randy places high value in our environmental health and use of open spaces. He has supported green construction projects, has maintained a vegetable plot for years at the Waltham Fields Community Garden and will be dedicating countless volunteer hours as Chair of the Rail Trail Committee, which will enhance transportation for bikes and provide a walking trail in the center of the city.

 Public Health 

Randy’s activity in the community support his strong belief, that fitness and public health are key to any community’s success. He has spent many seasons coaching Waltham youth hockey and the Prospect Hill ski team, and he himself has been a participant in every Waltham RAW series road races.

Public Safety 

Randy believes that our public safety officials -police, fire, EMS - deserve strong resources and appropriate facilities to keep our City safe. Randy has pledged his commitment to oversight and long-term planning to ensure that these projects are a real investment for the City, and not cost-wasting temporary relief.


Randy has a true stake in this community as a third-generation homeowner. He worked to pass the Community Preservation Act, which, in part, secures funding for affordable housing resources. Randy understands firsthand the challenges of raising a family, and recognizes that families need reasonable housing opportunities to thrive.


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